Classrooms Around the World

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Education systems around the world incorporate unique elements based on the culture they are situated in. We know this firsthand when comparing our own schooling to those we hear about abroad or on TV. To celebrate and appreciate these differences, we’d like to highlight classrooms across the globe.


TOKYO, JAPAN: First graders and their teacher at Takinogawa Elementary School. Notice their matching hats – Japanese schools provide hats to all students unique to their own school with embroidered logos. The bags have identical reflective covers for street safety. (Toru Hanai)

MINAS, URUGAY: Students of a rural school where activities include cow milking or gardening. The bright, open classroom space stands out, along with the circular seating style which encourages discussion. (Andres Stapf)

MANACAPURU, BRAZIL: Students at the Satere Mawe Indian Tribe School. The tribe consists of around 13,000 people whose economic goals are focused on cultivating the plant guarana. (Bruno Kelly)



MIDDLESEX, BRITAIN: Year 12 students on their last day of term. The formal uniform sets the standards for the quality of education and the wall posters and decorations only adds to the class of the school. (Suzanne Plunkett)



SOWETO, SOUTH AFRICA: 11th grade students at Sekano-Ntoane School. Here we can see the contrasting classrooms – bare walls and only minimum requirements are necessary for a school day. (Siphiwe Sibeko)
Each picture seems to be from an entirely different world and it is almost enlightening to realize education can happen in thousands of different forms and still be as effective.


All pictures were resourced from NBC News (

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